Your Housing Group Keeps Things Moving In Lockdown!

When COVID-19 hit us hard and most of the world went into some form of lockdown back in March, almost every business and trade you can think of went into temporary hiatus, some of which are yet to resume their day-to-day activities.

But even though much of the world was forced into retreat, it doesn’t mean you can’t start putting in the work behind the scenes to make sure you get yourself off to a head-start when the world opens back up again, right? Well, that’s exactly what Your Housing Group & Bird Consultancy have been doing…

Throughout lockdown, Your Housing Group has been moving ahead getting ready to begin progressing a number of developments that they have in the pipeline that will help create housing for thousands of people. Well, around 1061 households to be exact!

During the lockdown period, Bird has assisted with the communications to help announce planning applications for 1061 brand new homes (a combination of both flats and houses) across six developments in Liverpool City Centre, Leigh, Openshaw, Anfield, Kirkby and Hartford.

To support the planning applications, Bird created six separate press releases, each covering the specific details of each individual developments, as well as comments from the relevant individuals from Your Housing Group who are involved in the projects, including contractors and architects.

Thanks to the continued dedication during the lockdown period by Your Housing Group to move forward with plans for providing much needed affordable housing, several of the new homes have already received enquiries.

On top of this, the media activity secured 42 pieces of coverage for the announcements in various press outlets, helping spread Your Housing Group’s message.

Your Housing Group is one of the UK’s largest housing providers with 28,000 homes across the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands. They provide social housing and affordable rent and are committed to building quality new homes to help play their part in solving the national housing crisis with options for Shared Ownership, Private Rent, Rent to Buy and outright sale.

We are Bird.

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