Why PR still matters in an ever-evolving digital world


The times are changing, especially when it comes to the ever-evolving world of digital technology.

Few of us will ever fully grasp how technology has changed our lives.

But at Bird Consultancy, a top Manchester PR agency, we understand how technology has changed and recognise the importance of staying at the forefront.

Having said that, does the evolution of digital technology automatically make the very idea of public relations obsolete?

Our answer? NO.

At Bird, we like to think of ourselves as anti-traditional when it comes to our approach to PR and this approach has served us well in the face of emerging technologies.

For example, we place great emphasis on securing a solid return on investment for our clients, numbers which we are now actively able to monitor thanks to modern analytic applications.

With these, we can see what works and what doesn’t. But, most importantly, we can see why things turn out the way they do, and for whom specifically.

While we may tend to steer away from what some could describe as a traditional approach to PR, we still recognise the need to integrate some traditional elements with newer digital technologies.

Social media, for example.

Once upon a time Facebook, Twitter and their relevant social media brothers and sisters were simply places for friends to share messages, pictures, etc.

Now, these platforms have transformed into advertising and marketing behemoths for those in the know.

Through combining traditional advertising methods with the rise of the social media juggernauts companies can now target their ideal audience more precisely and more widely than ever before.

How do we know? This is a service we provide, of course.

Plus, in an age where information can be transferred from one location to all corners of the globe in seconds, PR agencies like ourselves use or expertise to make sure the best interests of our clients are always kept at the forefront, including monitoring their online appearance.

If an image can be broken down in an instant, it’s our job to build it back up and maintain it just as quick.

The rise of new photographic and video technologies has also opened doors for agencies like ours to develop brand new marketing strategies for our clients.

Once upon a time, having the cash to buy the rights to air a piece of advertising on a major network was only a dream for some.

Now, the demand for instant video has allowed companies to market their products to millions, all at the touch of a button.

Here at Bird Consultancy, we strive to make sure our clients’ message reaches the right audience, through the right means of communication, at the right time.

You could almost say that, because of the necessity of integrating digital elements into our work, we have become less of a PR agency and more of a “digital” PR agency. But this isn’t something we fear.

Change is good, especially when it presents so many new opportunities for change, expansion and improvement.

During the initial break out of the digital revolution as we know it back in the early two-thousands, many in the PR business were feeling a little tentative.

“What does this mean?” “Where will it take us?” “How far will this go?”

Someone on the more pessimistic side might have wondered:

“Is this the end for us?”

Well, almost two decades later and PR is as relevant as ever, with new clients seeking help and new developments emerging every day.

So if you were to ask us how far we here at Bird Consultancy have come post-digital revolution, my answer would be this:

“We’re just getting started.”