25 years young!

By Bird Consultancy   |   24th September 2015

Part 1


It is highly likely that many reading this blog will not have been around when I first started Bird. Or as it {a blog} was known in 1990 a short profile (not a bad physical description of me to be honest)!


Anyway, who am I kidding the last thing I was thinking about in 1990 was whether I would make it to 2015. I just worried about paying the bills, finding some clients and how to keep the re-mortgage of my house away from Mrs B.


I have read lots of start-up stories that talk about luck, good friends, family and hard work. My story is no different but I may have had one or two twists, turns, tragedies and opportunities that others luckily have not had to endure. Ups and downs come with every business but I have been blessed, this bijou PR consultancy I gave birth to on October 1st 1990 has traded positively every single year, we have no debt, no loans and a history of work to be truly proud of.


When I opened the doors in 1990 I promised myself that I would be involved with the business and our clients every single day. And if that ever changed it would be the day I hang up my boots (bear with me I can only do footie talk). I also ensured that we would never be a typical PR company, no PR speak, no black suits, no account executive revolving door, always focused on relationships with clients from boardroom to the shop floor, the media from editors to reporters and definitely no stealth charging. The price is the price, oh and over servicing I don’t charge for that either. It is my investment in the future.


Some outstanding people, have played a huge part in the life of Bird from Barry Hearn to Ronnie O’Sullivan and from John Wardle & David Makin (founders of JD Sports) to the most influential person in my life other than my Mum, Dad and wife, Mr Fred Done, an exceptional human being who has time for everyone. Every young business man or woman needs guidance. At 27 years old I was no different. After all I had only sold advertising and promotions in press and radio, worked underground in a sh*tty dye works, trained as a signalman on the railway and had market stalls from being 13 years old.


My mentors have shaped my life both personally and professionally. I owe much of the last 25 years to a few great people; Fred Done, David Bernstein, Stuart Codling, Dennis Tueart, Kevin Keegan, Seymour Myers, Colin Walters, Bert Tatlock and a very important woman who I miss every minute of every day Violet Bird (my Mam). What does a good mentor give you? As far as I am concerned they are living proof that good people get things done, they lead by example….watch and learn.


My mam was a true inspiration, she had no formal education but she had a knack of getting people to do things they thought they could never do. Putting a shy 13 year old boy on a market selling ice cream was a stroke of genius; it taught me about money, making eye contact with customers and also about stock control. I lost my mum in 1993; she was a victim of Harold Shipman. The day I lost her haunts me every day, but it also keeps my life in check. No matter what the problem or crisis nothing can shake the courage she gave me.