Using Video as part of your Business Strategy

In 2019, we’re past the point of wondering whether or not video content is “the future.”

Bottom line: In this day and age, if you aren’t taking advantage of video content in some form, you should be!

Hopefully you’ll already be clued-up on how particular forms of video can help your business reach new heights – most people today are well-aware of the massive success YouTube has become – but if you’re even just a little bit unsure, here are a few handy tips you might find helpful:

Start your own YouTube channel

As we’ve discussed, let’s get the “big guy” out of the way first…

When YouTube first launched back in 2005 nobody could have predicted it would be an all-time game changer.

Regular people uploading videos of their favourite pass-times like gaming, sports, movie reviews and otherwise have grown to become some of the most influential people on the internet, arguably the planet.

It was only a matter of time before businesses began realising its potential.

If you run a successful business, or maybe even if you’re looking to give your business a shot in the arm to get it up and running, if you have information or ideas in your field you think people would be interested to hear about you should definitely consider starting a YouTube channel.

When done right, it can be a great way not just to inform, but also to draw in new customers and partners.

First, identify exactly what you’re client base will find interesting/helpful/entertaining or a combination of all three and you’re half way there.

Then, simply secure a good quality camera and sound equipment (many people nowadays use their phones kitted-out with an extra microphone).

But don’t forget to plan-out your videos. Non-scripted videos with a specific purpose behind them tend to turn into inconsistent ramblings.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun though! Try to choose a presenter or a host for your video with a bit of flair or personality. People like to be entertained!

Oh, and don’t forget to actually register a YouTube (or Google) account and upload your video… That’s sort of important! And be sure to share it with all of your friends, relatives and, most importantly, any followers your business already has.

Happy YouTubing!

Live Video

Once upon a time the only people that could reach a live visual audience were the major television networks.

Now, thanks to the magic of the internet and modern camera technology, anyone and everyone is a walking live broadcast machine!

Live video is a great way to grab the attention of your current and potential client base, specifically on Facebook through ‘Facebook Live.’

Why? When you go live on your business Facebook page (assuming you have one… right?) all your followers will get a notification the instant you go on air.

And, the longer you stay on air providing relevant or engaging content, the more likely you are to earn more viewers as time goes on. Simple!

Plus, even if you don’t hit your desired view count during broadcast, your video will be automatically uploaded to Facebook once you go off-air (usually within a few minutes of it ending).

This will give your video even more chance of garnering views and can also be shared by your followers to reach an even wider audience.

Or, if you REALLY want to snag as many views as possible, you can always pay Facebook to promote your video. Just be sure that the content you’re putting out is well worth the price tag. Otherwise, it might be a waste!

Animated Videos

Who doesn’t love cartoons, right?

Well, the answer is not that many people! Especially when it comes to content for your business.

In fact, surveys have shown that when important information is presented to a customer or a potential business partner in the form of an animation – these can include statistics or market data – the information is far more likely to be taken on board effectively, or at the very least taken in a positive light.

Animated videos are a delight for both the eyes and the brain. The visual stimuli can help turn seemingly boring or worrying data into something actually enjoyable.

How can this be done? With the help of a dedicated animator or graphic designer, of course.

So if you’re wondering just how effective these types of videos can be, head online and check out some of the fantastic examples other businesses (even the top names in their field) have used to achieve success.

LinkedIn Video

If you’re part of a successful (or aiming to be successful) business and you haven’t yet made the leap onto LinkedIn, we have a serious problem…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that LinkedIn is THE social media service for businesses and professionals worldwide.

Specifically for the purpose of promoting your own work and engaging with likeminded professionals, countless beneficial business interactions are made on the service every single day.

And, with around 600 million active users, you can be sure you’ll find someone on there that’s keen to do business with you. Or at the very least be willing to have a chat.

Which is why hosting video content on the site is a brilliant move.

On other platforms, there’s always the chance your content can become lost amongst the tidal wave of other videos.

But on LinkedIn you’re far more likely to reach the right kind of audience, especially if you’re seeking out professional business folk like yourself!

It works the same way as most other video hosting sites – simply follow the tips laid out in the YouTube section above and upload your video to LinkedIn.

And make sure you include any relevant hashtags. Yes, these are useful on LinkedIn too!

Become an Influencer

Ok, now we’re in video-content-prodigy territory…

If you master the art of creating video content well enough, and there’s a very specific audience for the type of content you create, there’s every chance you yourself could become what’s known as an ‘Influencer.’

But, what is an Influencer? In a nutshell, somebody that’s become so popular in their respective field, usually through video content, that has amassed enough of a following to become highly influential to the point industry news and trends can even become dependent on what this person says/does/promotes.

They always start out as regular people like you and me, which just goes to show that if you work hard enough at something and fully dedicate yourself, who knows what you could achieve?

At Bird Consultancy we have in-house professionals in PR, social media, design and more that can help your business become everything you wanted it to be and more.

Feel free to get in touch to see what we could do for you, or check out our website for more information.