Top 5 social media trends to shake up 2019

Each year, we see new features introduced by the leading social media platforms.

These new features instantly set off the creative thinkers on how to utilise and become the front leaders of these features in their infancy stage.

In 2018 we’ve seen the likes of Instagram stories storm through as one of the best ways to reach an audience, whilst we’ve also seen Facebook Live continue to grow with people and brands now competing with Live TV broadcasting.

For 2019, we predict this to be no different in terms of new features being released changing an ever-growing market.

Below is a list of our top 5 predictions of things to shake up and change the way we use social media.


Live Video

We’ve already seen a huge increase in live video streaming on social media, and we don’t expect this growth to slow down in 2019. In fact, we expect it to grow even more than ever before!

With Facebook initially being the leader of live video, Instagram is arguably becoming just as big when it comes to instant updates and live feeds.


Influencer Fraud

More and more brands are now looking at the route of influencer marketing in the hope that the advocacy of a well-known face will help them sell more products.

With 2018 being the ‘year of the influencer’ we’re now at a point where the market is almost saturated with self-made people who have a new form of celebrity status and huge followings. But what percentage of these followings are genuine? 

An increasing amount of brands are now questioning as to why the results achieved were not quite as good as originally predicted.
As a solution to this, tools are now being created to help analyse an influencers following and engagement, to really dig into how real the following is. Some companies have found influencers they are working with to have over 90% fake followings.

This is why it’s crucial to really do your homework on any influencers you’re wanting to represent your brand.


Business Leaders on Social

Following on from our last point, we’re now seeing more and more CEO’s and Managing Directors become the brand ambassadors for their companies. After all, who is a more trusted and perfect fit for your brand than the CEO themselves?

At Bird, we’re already working closely with a number of CEO’s to help them share their thoughts, leadership and insight whilst acting as brand ambassadors for their business.



Yes, WhatsApp. We’ve all been using it for a number of years but only now are we starting to see brands utilise this as a form of communication with customers.

Traditionally, an email will be sent out to customers packed full of promotions, offers and updates. Once sent, the actual open rate tends to be quite low in comparison with the number of sent emails, whereas WhatsApp currently achieves the average of a 98% open rate.

With this sort engagement rate from its users, its a no-brainer for a brand wanting to tap into this.

We predict in 2019, we will see less ‘sign up to our mailing list’ and much more of  ‘add us to WhatsApp’.


Vertical video

2018 saw the launch of IGTV and with that, came the push on vertical video.
With social media, its all about grabbing the users attention. The fewer stages the user has to take to view your content, the better. In this case, most people view their social media on a mobile, which due to design, is vertical. This means that there is a stage for the user to rotate their phone to adapt the video to full screen for the optimum viewing experience.

This is where the vertical video comes in.

By eliminating the process of the user rotating their device, they get full viewing potential, instantly. This immediately makes your piece of content stand out amongst the rest in a very crowded space!

It’s going to be another interesting year and we’re always looking forward to how we can try new things with social media for our clients.

If 2019 is the year you want to up your online presence, get in touch!

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