Things I learnt at the Big Social Media Conference

By Bird Consultancy   |   27th October 2015

Last week, as the office’s social media nerd-bird, I got to head to one of our favourite venues, The Point at Lancashire County Cricket Club, to attend The Big Social Media Conference 2015.

The two day event gained a 18.5 million reach on Twitter, featured experts from a range of backgrounds, sharing their social media success stories, top tricks and future insights, plus some great networking opportunities.

There were too many insights to mention them all here (trust me, I returned to the office with seventeen A4-sized pages of notes!). So instead, I’m sharing a few key points from the event;

Know Your Audience

Here at Bird we love to make PR personal, so it was great to hear that personalisation is so important on social networks. Taking the time to define your target market and knowing who you’re trying to connect with will affect the messages you want to post online. You need to use the right channels to reach people.

Keep Content Relevant

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to social media. Melanie Dodaro pointed out that relevance is the overlap of what you want to say, and what your audience is interested in.

Advertising on Social Media does work…

…when it’s done right! Make sure you include clear calls to action and tell your users why they should follow you. We’re also keeping an eye on Instagram advertising as a future ‘big thing’. #toptip

Plan Your Strategy and Measure Results

One thing that all the speakers agreed on was the need for a well thought out strategy. Know what your aims are and plan how you will reach them before posting content. Utilise the many social media tools out there to measure how your social media is working.

Finally a few new terms that are now firmly in my social media dictionary:

  • ‘Brandonality’ – this buzzword by Sam Flynn is a new Bird favourite.
  • ‘Socially Devoted’ – cue impromptu ‘Sandy from Grease’ office singing, thanks Mari Smith!
  • ‘LinkedIn Jail’ – Who would have thought that this is an actual thing?
  • “Content is king, but engagement is queen… and she rules the house!” We completely agree!

The Big Social Media Conference 2015 was a brilliant two days – no wonder that it was the second-highest trending topic in the UK. It even topped the London tube strike!

I’m really looking forward to putting the insights from the day into action. The event definitely has my recommendation and I’ll be there next year. In the meantime keep in touch by following the Bird team on Twitter @BirdConsultancy.