There will always be a desire to Travel…

There will always be a desire to travel. Whether for a quick escape to a familiar location or a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll treasure forever. Travel and Tourism has become a speciality for us here at Bird Consultancy, and our history in the sector stretches back close to our very beginnings as a business and still holds strong today…

Our CEO Chris Bird first got involved in the Travel & Tourism world early on in his career, when he was working in Radio. He assisted the National Ski Show – promoters of all-things winter sports – with various elements of promotion. They were so impressed and thankful with the work produced that as soon as Bird Consultancy launched in 1990, we became the PR representation for the show. And thus began our deep dive into not just winter sports, but sport and sports travel in general.

Along with various other movements in Travel & Tourism throughout our 30-year history, the big change for Bird came in 2007 when Chris became CEO of Sports Tours International; Europe’s leading sports travel company. Sports Tours has been helping running and cycling enthusiasts secure their places in some of the world’s most famous and sought-after mass participation events. Such as the Etape du Tour, BMW Berlin Marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon and many, many more.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing at first. While the company had been successful in the past it was Chris’ aim, and the job of he and the Bird team, to help turn it around and make it the sports travel giant he knew it could be. We’re proud to say that Bird was instrumental in this endeavour, and today Sports Tours International are once again at the top of the sports travel industry.

To help make this happen, the Bird team had to do more than simply what had been done up to that point; We needed to ramp-up messaging and get the Sports Tours name to the running masses like never before. But it’s not enough to just shout about what you do, you need to make people feel what you do and what you’re about. Bird helped Sports Tours to create a ‘narrative’ for their business that the sporting community really responded to, resulting in the company becoming number one in its field in the entirety of Europe and having trebled the turnover back in profit.

Since then, Bird has also been assisting the other sports travel brands affiliated with Sports Tours International – Sports Travel International (based in Ireland), the Sports Tours French office, Freewheel Holidays, Whereabouts Holidays and Club La Santa.

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