The Festive Season at Bird

By Bird Consultancy   |   15th December 2016

Throughout December, we have been putting together all of our favourite things about the festive season. We’ve not only been sharing our favourite things, but we’ve also been sharing our top tips that we live by to make the Christmas period less about stress, and more about festivity.

We will be updating the blog each week with the latest contributions, or you can look out for them daily on our Twitter feed.

  1. Favourite thing – You know it’s officially Christmas when the Coca-Cola advert makes its appearance on the screen, who agrees?
  2. Favourite thing – not feeling guilty for the mass amount of hot chocolate being consumedhot-choc2
  3. Top tip – Don’t leave your Christmas wrapping until the last minute (don’t worry, some of us are guilty of this!)gift
  4. Top Tip – Kate has shared her favourite stuffing recipe, you can see the full recipe here.kates-recipe
  5. Favourite thing – Baileys! Need we say more?
  6. Top tip – Keep spooning goose fat over your roast potatoes to make them extra crispy.potatoes
  7. Favourite thing – Taking a brisk winter walk with the sun shining, perfect at this time of year.
  8. Favourite thing – Who doesn’t love a fresh pair of PJ’s especially for Christmas morning?
  9. Favourite thing – Watching our loved younger ones discover the magic of Christmas.magic-xmas
  10. Top tip – Try making each Christmas stand out more than the last by trying to start a new tradition
  11. Favourite thing – Another festive recipe, Kate’s Granny’s Florentine!screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-10-52-18
  12. Favourite thing – Christmas movies! We know everyone has their main go-to Christmas film
  13. Favourite thing – The rare occasion that we actually get snow during the festive period and we all become expert snowmen builders.
  14. Top tip – Make sure you always have a spare present wrapped just in case that one family member you forgot, turns up! It happens to the best of us.
  15. Favourite thing – Work Christmas night out, known to most as ‘Mad Friday’
  16. Favourite thing – Christmas Jumpers!
  17. Favourite thing – The rare occasion that we get some festive snow
  18. Favourite thing – The abundance of Christmas songs on the radio
  19. Top Tip – Pack your Christmas tree lights away neatly so you can avoid the stress this time next year
  20. Top Tip – Make sure you take the Turkey out of the freezer with enough time!
  21. Favourite thing – A good Christmas panto
  22. Favourite thing – Baking loads of different Christmas treats
  23. Top Tip – Always pull your cracker with your end lower than the other person for an easy win
  24. Favourite thing – Christmas Eve and the final countdown of hours begins

Check back to this blog each week during the build up towards Christmas for our latest additions.

We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!

The Bird team.