There are certain sectors that offer a real sense of value in the work we do, and the pride we take from producing that work. One of those sectors is undoubtedly Social Housing.


Bird has been supporting Housing Associations with their communications for 17 years now and it’s an area of work that has always challenged, interested and inspired us.


While many people step away from working in social housing, perhaps due to the unfair stigma attached to the sector, Bird stayed because we knew the value of the work we were offering and the potentially huge positive impact it could have. Not just on business, but for everyone involved in social housing.


Bird Consultancy CEO Chris Bird is quick to point out the unfair image social housing seems to have picked up over the years:


“If I look back to where I was brought up, in a council house, that was social housing! It was affordable housing. There’s no stigma to it. And I think now it’s much more acceptable, but we now need more affordable housing than ever.”


All of us couldn’t agree more.


Our key clients in the social housing sector have been Harvest Housing Group, New Charter Housing Trust, Onward and Your Housing Group, who Bird continues to provide communications support for to this day.


All in all, there’s absolutely no doubt that social housing has been one of the most rewarding sectors for us to work in, and it’s one we will continue to support and to use our skills and experience effectively in any way we can.


If you work in the social housing sector and would like some assistance with your communications, get in touch and let’s see what we can do!

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