So, where are we going FIRST in 2019?

If you follow me from time to time or stumble across some of my musings you may have noticed that I write very few blogs. That’s not because I have nothing to say, I do. However, I still suffer from having this deep feeling that I’ve not yet achieved enough to make me worth listening to.

But when my team tell me to put into words how I see 2019 it is a brave person that would refuse them. (I’m just the coach so I cannot ignore the players on my team).

2019 will be a year of change, opportunity and for some turbulence. 
Brexit, Trump, May versus Corbyn, the high street, financial uncertainties are all topics that we all know will be front and centre across every media platform. But, not wishing to sound ‘Trumpish’ it is time to put Family FIRST, Communities FIRST and good mental health FIRST.

Yes I know politicians and City Mayors are all saying this in a round of about way but what evidence are YOU actually seeing?

There are people, services and businesses across the 32 Wards in Manchester, and many towns and Cities in the North West that will say that they are seeing nothing at all.

As I drove to work this morning looking at the prosperous skyline of the City I love I stopped along the way in Hyde, Gorton, Abbey Hey, Beswick, Newton Heath and Partington. What Is the actual plan? Is there a goal? There are loads of people doing the talk. Who has got the know-how? The vision? and the clout to do the bloody walk?

I’m no politician I operate a couple of decent businesses, I’ve overachieved for the talent I have, but one thing I have in bucket loads is a passion to make things happen and get things done.

So 2019 for me will be about the FIRSTS I mentioned earlier. Ensuring that my family & colleagues are FIRST to put in more than they take out, FIRST to go the extra mile, and that I am FIRST to support them in any way I can. 
Also, communities must come FIRST, the community where you live, the communities that need a friend and yes the business communities that must thrive to ensure we can do all of the above.

Finally, the most important FIRST in my own life and the lives of many of my friends, family and colleagues too, is good Mental Health, this should be the FIRST we must PROTECT, must SUPPORT and must HAVE for 2019 and beyond.

If we don’t have good mental health, nothing else works. It’s not a chicken and egg situation. You do not need personal wealth, big buildings or large corporations for good mental health, in a lot of cases these can be the causes of poor mental health.

What we do need is each other, we need understanding and we all need a home to call our own, we need to be safe in our communities and we must understand that people and relationships come FIRST.