We Love MCR Charity – Valentines Day Campaign

#ShowYourLoveMCR Campaign

For Valentine’s Day 2016 we created a campaign that would gain exposure for the We Love MCR Charity and raise valuable funds to help people across the Greater Manchester region. The campaign was called #showyourloveMCR.

We wanted to encourage people across Manchester to share why they love our great city, and show their love by donating £3 via the ‘text to donate’ number.

We designed t-shirts promoting the campaign and delivered them to local Manchester celebrities, media, businesses and TV personalities asking them to tweet and share via social media, using the hashtag #ShowyourloveMCR. The t-shirts displayed a ‘text to donate’ number to donate £3 to the charity. Each t-shit was gift wrapped and personally delivered.

In addition to the t-shirt activity, our team took to the streets of Manchester and asked the general public what they loved most about our great city. The people, the atmosphere, Theatres and its nightlife came out on top.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Paul Murphy OBE, also shared his top 5 favourite things which included the Town Hall, the Art Galleries and Museums and of course, the football.

We created videos for social media using all this content, and scheduled tweets to be posted across Valentine’s weekend, always including the call to action to donate.

It was the first year of launching the #ShowyourloveMCR campaign and we generated a lot of positive exposure for the charity. We ran the campaign from Friday 12th February – Sunday 14th February and reached over 9,400k people across Twitter.

Key 103 radio presenter Debbie Mac tweeted a picture of her wearing the t-shirt, which was re-tweeted by Key 103, alongside That’s MCR TV and digital marketing company and client, Active Win who tweeted their t-shirt pictures too.

We are awaiting the final donations report. This showcase will be updated when the figures are received.

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