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Bird built the NUS extra blog from scratch and curates all content

Bird Consultancy has worked with NUS extra since 2011. The brief has always been to communicate the benefits of having an NUS extra card. How much you can save, where you can save, and why it is the market-leading student lifestyle and discount card.

Over the past 6 years, we have also had to look at how the landscape is changing. How students are consuming their news, and where they go for information.

What we did

NUS extra have a strong following on social media, with 115,000 likes on Facebook and 21,600 followers on Twitter. So in addition to our more traditional press activity, we set up the NUS extra blog.

The approach for the blog was simple, create a place to share information about the NUS extra card and its partners, and create engaging content that students will enjoy. We also invite students to guest blog about topics they want to write about; travel, fashion, beauty and food.


The blog is receiving close to 3,000 hits a month, and is growing all of the time.

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