Put your Heart into 2016

By Chris Bird   |   21st January 2016

By Chris Bird, CEO

2015 was a year for backing my judgement against many doubting voices. There are times when you have to make big personal decisions and important business calls. In 2015 I have had to do both.

The key to making the big decisions in life are the foundations you are making the decisions from. Unshakable is the only word to describe the foundations I stand on.

Who you work with, who you employ, who you say goodbye to and who you support unconditionally are decisions made, in my case, from the heart. Fans of Jerry McGuire will know just what I am talking about.

I’ve been at the helm of Bird for 25 years, I spent 12 years on the board of JD sports, 5 years at the sharp end of Manchester City and so far 9 years at the head of Europe’s leading multi-sports participation tour operator.

I make no secret that the experiences within these organisations have at times taken to me to the brink of serious ill health and damaging personal circumstances, but the constant that has always been on my side is the heart in these businesses.

The heart of my staff and my family is so full of passion and love for everything that they do. This really does compensate for the limited talent I have.

So what do you want from 2016?

We all have goals, business plans, new business strategies, New Year resolutions and dreams. Well, you can make them all work for you but take a step back, look around you , look at the people you have alongside you and think of their hopes and dreams too. Then grab a copy of the Jerry McGuire film I mentioned earlier and reflect.

If your heart isn’t full, whatever is in your head doesn’t matter one bit.

Enjoy your 2016 and love what you do.

Happy New Year.