With a fantastic range of clients across sport, leisure, entertainment, travel, charity, housing and broadcast sectors gained over the last 30 years Bird Consultancy has built the credentials (and more) to deliver excellent communications, business development and digital services for clients.


Founded by Chris Bird in 1990, Bird has grown with the continually-evolving media landscape, but we have remained committed to developing positive media relations, a love of storytelling, and a passion for delivering added value.


Taking our ethos – ‘make PR personal’ – into every aspect of the business, we operate as an extension of our client’s team, rather than just an external agency.


We believe that integrating into our client’s business and becoming part of their team is an essential way to ensure clients receive the very best bespoke service that meets their objectives. We are after all #YourDepartment.


Our size works to serve every purpose that our clients might expect, being large enough to take on leading brands and projects, while also being nimble enough to keep the service personal, relevant and immediate. Our CEO, Chris Bird has always been and remains to this day committed and available to provide his support to clients whenever needed.


This personal approach is always valued, and the majority of our clients have come to us from word of mouth, as our results and reputation have always brought new opportunities. Many clients have chosen to rely on us for well over a decade, with other key contacts taking our team through to other companies they have worked within their career.


Building those trustworthy relationships with clients and their businesses is key for us as we seek to find compelling stories and strong news content that serve both clients and journalist’s needs.


Bird has a passion for news and delivering on our client’s objectives. Our team know that strong stories will elevate brands and showcase our clients. Stories influence the way consumers think and act and we venture to target audiences via a multitude of platforms on and offline, to shape identity, build brands and increase online traction and engagement.


Above all, we are a committed and recognised agency who price competitively with a real focus on value and return on investment.


Our foundations and 30-year history show that we have the knowledge, experience and drive to support clients to elevate their communications.


You can read more here about our experience and catch up on the latest news from Bird.


If you would like to find out what we can do for your organisation email us at


Or ring Chris direct on 07790 227770.


Crisis Communications


And went it doesn’t all go to plan, Bird also ensure they have considered every possible angle and have precautions in place to react. With a resilient effort in delivering crisis communication, Bird knows just how to protect and defend an organisation facing a public challenge to its reputation and have demonstrated this in past work.


Dealing with everything from floods to fires, Bird pride themselves on approaching situations with a cool head and agile response. Organisations can receive media training and crisis training to ensure they are prepared for whatever might hit them.

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