Personable Business: LinkedIn & Personal Content

LinkedIn is the premier social media site for professionals looking to network with like-minded individuals.

It has grown from a relatively small venture to a massive community of around 600 million strong.

With these kinds of numbers, no wonder businesses are cottoning on to the fact that this is where they need to be, especially if they’re looking to expand or meet new potential partners or clients.

But LinkedIn shouldn’t just be seen as a purely “business” platform…

In fact, the vast majority of successful interaction on LinkedIn comes from a much more personal and friendly place.

Gone are the days of simply uploading how amazing your business is in the form of hard statistics. Nowadays, it’s all about the power of storytelling and using it to create a much more personal and personable LinkedIn persona.

So if you’ve yet to take advantage of the brilliant service that is LinkedIn, or if you’re wondering what kind of approach to take, here are five ways you can make it work for you:

  • Making the right connections

Using LinkedIn to make new connections is nothing taboo – Like any other introduction in life all you need to worry about is how you make the introduction.

If you see a profile or an account you’d be interested in speaking to, or at the very least connecting with, feel free to send them a request.

Or, better yet, send a connection request with a little note explaining who you are, what you do and how you think your connection with their profile might benefit the two of you. Politeness and mutual relevance is key!

What you mustn’t do is scroll around connecting with random accounts like there’s no tomorrow, just to expand your profile.

Be selective and stick to connections you either already know, share mutual connections with or would like to get to know.

But remember… Polite and personable!

LinkedIn Storytelling

Like most other social media outlets, LinkedIn allows users to post written updates directly to their timelines.

On Twitter and Facebook, posts tend to be relatively short with varying topics of conversation.

But, on LinkedIn, a trend is emerging (especially amongst working professionals seeking to expand their business) of telling stories through updates.

These stories, usually a few paragraphs long, are designed to give the reader not only useful information that they may use in their own lives, but also display the competence of the writer in their respective field.

Rather than a “hard sell” these stories have been proven to be quite effective and are also in favour with LinkedIn’s algorithm at the moment.

They also give room for the writer to display some personality; something that’s often rare in business-to-business connections.

Let them know who you are and how good you are at what you do!

Publish unique articles

There’s no better way to establish yourself as an expert in your field than writing a solid, informative piece about your area of expertise.

This might be to solve a nagging problem, to improve or expand on already accepted knowledge. Or, what we know to be the truth, to prove that you are “the best” when it comes to what you do.

If others reading what you have to say get a sense that you know exactly what you’re talking about, whatever the topic, chances are that’s the way you’ll be seen in their eyes for the foreseeable future.

Definitely a good way to make a great first impression to potential business links.

Strengthen your personal profile

If you have a business page on LinkedIn, fantastic – you’ve given your company a face on the largest professional social networking site on the planet.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your own face, too.

In fact, some statistics have shown that companies looking to make connections on LinkedIn are far more likely to respond to a message or connection if it comes from a personal account, NOT a business account.

Why? Because it feels much more comfortable talking to a human being than an anonymous representative of a massive company.

So make sure your profile is up to date; an appealing headshot and cover photo topped off with a killer headline. And, of course, all your relevant employment and experience history!

LinkedIn Video

Much like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn allows users to upload their own video content.

But given the very specific purpose LinkedIn has, it gives you a great opportunity to put a face and voice to the expertise provided on your page.

Plus, the more videos you produce, the more of a following you should gain hopefully more people will be likely to enquire about you, your company and your services.

Much like YouTube has given rise to the popular creator, LinkedIn given rise to the popular professional creator; an influencer with the talent, know-how and chops to not only give advice, but become a commodity to his/her chosen field.

With enough time, effort and dedication, this could be you!

Or, someone might be so impressed with your videos you won’t need to make them anymore because you’ll be too busy involved in all your new business!