By Bird Consultancy   |   27th October 2015

In my last blog, I spoke about my involvement with a new Manchester based project the Manchester Youth Market. I feel very privileged to be working on such a great initiative, even more so when meeting a famous face!

Alongside John Chapman, Head of Fundraising for the We Love MCR Charity, I met up with US Storage Hunter star Jesse McClure who had travelled to rainy Manchester to promote a campaign with Goodstock.

Goodstock is a charity shop in Manchester, created by vInspired. It sells fashionable new and pre-loved items and is run by volunteers who are looking for experience in retail – very relevant to We Love MCR’s latest initiative the Manchester Youth Market.

As Goodstock is helping to support the Manchester Youth Market initiative (which has now been fully funded on SpaceHive!) by offering a floor space, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of meeting a famous re-sale trader.

It was inspiring to hear Jesse talking about his experiences and great to see him backing a charity initiative in Manchester that is focused on young people buying and selling items.

Since working on the Manchester Youth Market project I have been eager to find out what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. If there was one thing I will remember from Jesses’ advice it will be that you have to find what it is you are truly passionate about and believe in it to become successful in business.

Jesse is a cool guy and a great example of the talent we want to apply for the Manchester Youth Market. I’m hoping that throughout my involvement in this project, I will meet many people who share the same passion for business as he does as well as trading items they themselves truly believe in.


T: @pageogrady