Our History in Newspapers and Radio

At Bird Consultancy we pride ourselves on the amount of experience we’ve been able to gain across numerous interesting sectors in our 30-year history. And it would be remiss of us not to mention one of the sectors that was so instrumental in the formation of BIRD as a business…Newspapers and Radio.

Many of you may know that our Founder & CEO Chris Bird began his career working in local Newspapers and Commercial Radio in the ’80s. Big changes were happening in the printed media and commercial radio was starting to become a very investable medium.

Chris was able to see at first-hand the positive effects that these mediums can have on both a local and national level; an experience which reinforces much of our work here at Bird. Because, back in the pre-digital age, advertisers didn’t have access to the social media tools we all take for granted in 2020, which is why print, radio and local media were the absolute go-to place to spread your message far and wide. In many ways, the same still stands today.

It was this knowledge and these kinds of experiences that encouraged Chris to dive deeper into the world of radio & print media. He used his experience and expertise to assist with the launch of Talk Radio (which would go on to become TalkSport) in the 1990s when, at the time, Bird had only been in operation for a few short years. But even at this point, our dedication and ability were on display in the work we produced and the relationships we were able to nurture for our clients. That was also the time met his now good friend Moz Dee who was doing the evening show at the time. Moz went on to be the programme controller for Radio 5 and then Talksport and the two friends continued to work together.

As a company, Bird was also involved in bringing Betfred to TalkSport, as well as JD Sports – both of whom are titans in their respective fields of business as you’ll be well-aware. Relationships which flourished while Chris was in his pivotal role within professional Football.

Radio was, and is a versatile platform; it’s the immediate medium. Radio has the power to not only inform the listener, with news & sports updates but to also entertain them through topical conversation, debates and music of countless styles and genres (dependent on the tastes of your key audience) this sets radio apart and makes it more of a go-to source more so than almost any other means of media consumption. Hence why it is known as “The Immediate Medium.” And that’s why (we hope and believe) it’s going to be here for a long time yet.

The same can be said on the press side of things, too. Bird’s influence has been felt everywhere from a local to a national level, which was evident when we worked with the Daily Telegraph a number of years ago and facilitated the relationship between them and our client Peninsula.

It even surprises us sometimes that we’ve been able to assist such high-profile clients like the ones mentioned above (even though this is barely scratching the surface of the names we’ve been privileged to work with!). But, if anything, it’s our grounded experience and know-how of these mediums that encourages these types of clients to work with us – in a nutshell, we know what we’re doing and we get the job done. We might be a relatively small team, but our passion for the medium always shines through and is such an attractive quality in a team effort.

As for local print media, people have been picking up their local paper for quite literally hundreds of years at this point, and with good reason; The stories that matter most to local people should come from local people.

The Tameside Reporter, part of Quest Media Network, has been publishing for a staggering 165 years and is appreciated as the main source of trustworthy, local news. And as a PR agency, we recognise that the Reporter didn’t get to this level of longevity by producing nonsense stories, something Bird completely empathised with and understood when Chris took control of the network and became Executive Chairman of the paper in 2019.

Funnily enough, with the mass of information that’s available online these days, many people still turn to their local newspapers and radio stations as the sources of information they can trust. This is most likely due to the mass amount of fake news, negativity and scaremongering you will often find from disreputable news sites in relaying the news to the public. It might have been what scored “clicks” a few years ago, but people are starting to get wise to the untrustworthy nature many of these outlets and sites thrive on.

We offer the facts, from people who are experienced in gathering and relaying reliable information. It’s this kind of dedication we offer to our clients each and every day.

The bond between the listener/reader and their chosen media is one that should be cherished and is unbelievably hard to break, especially when that relationship has been nurtured over such a long period of time!

But for all our experience in Broadcast & Media, whether it be print, radio or beyond, the purpose and key element that makes it such an engaging sector to be involved in boils down to one simple fact, as Chris highlights perfectly in this statement:

“Looking back at competing agencies over 30 years, we do lots of different things, but we specialise in one thing: we make communications personal. It doesn’t matter the platform, we have a great team of communicators who can tell stories for the customer.”

With a rich history across Radio, Print, Social and beyond, you can be sure the Bird team knows what we’re talking about when it comes to Broadcast & Media.

If you’d like to find out more about our experience in Broadcast & Media, or our experience in the many other sectors we’ve worked in, feel free to get in touch at onawire@birdconsultancy.co.uk and let’s have a chat!

And remember…

We are Bird.
We are #YourDepartment.