National Apprenticeship Week

As this week is #NationalApprenticeshipWeek, we thought what better time to acknowledge the value of the Apprenticeship route in our very own business.

At Bird, both Danny, our Director of Brand & Communications and Emma, our Director of Finance & Operations started their careers by taking the Apprenticeship routes in their respective fields.

They both believe that gaining knowledge on the job – while also experiencing work-life first hand – is what enabled them to reach their positions today.

We are also delighted to have Katie working with us, who is currently an Apprentice Journalist.

Here are some words from Katie on her experience so far:

“Being an apprentice has truly immersed me into an all-round experience of work-life, combining both practical work with an accredited qualification.

After leaving school in March of last year due to the pandemic, my education was halted a lot earlier than expected, leaving me with a lot of time to consider my options post-16.

It seemed at the time that going through the college route was my only option, even though I knew deep down that after being out of education for months, I didn’t want to throw myself back into that lifestyle.

I needed a route that would challenge me, as well as allow me to develop the skills needed to bring to a working environment. When an opportunity came up to start an apprenticeship at Quest Media Network and Bird Consultancy, I knew it was something I’d enjoy thoroughly and see myself thrive in.

Being at Quest and Bird has also allowed me to submerge myself into traditional journalism, but also the PR side of things, which has been a refreshing experience allowing me to develop a different skillset even further.

Every day brings a different challenge and I love to see what every day will bring me.”

At Bird, we understand the importance of nurturing our team members and allowing everyone to grow and expand in their roles.

Don’t forget, the Apprentices of today can be the Directors of tomorrow!

We are Bird, we are #YourDepartment