It’s been a busy year for Bird…

Well… here we are again!

As each year draws to a close, here at Bird we like to take a moment to reflect on some of the things that we’ve accomplished over the previous 12 months, for both ourselves and our fantastic clients!

In March, Bird helped CJUK (Chefs Jobs UK) reach a social audience of over 40,000 and Facebook Live (which 2,500 views in a short period of time) during their live debate at the annual Northern Restaurant and Bar (NRB) convention in Manchester.

Bird helped CJUK work alongside NRB who were happy to host the panel debate to discuss the increasing skills shortages in kitchens across the country.

Prior to the event Bird was also charged with handling social media support and content for CJUK which undoubtedly helped in building their profile reaching chefs across the country

Overall, Bird’s contribution to CJUK helped expand their online reach and increase enquiries from chefs wanting to sign up and work with CJUK; clear evidence that a good social media strategy is essential in helping a business thrive.

Heading forwards to April 2018, Bird was once again privileged to handle the PR and social media campaign for The Virtual Grand National; a VR concept created which runs the evening before The Grand National on ITV Racing which helps predict the winner of the iconic horse race.

Bird increased awareness through a coordinated PR plan and a racing fan-orientated social media campaign using targeted Facebook ads to boost reach and exposure.

As well as paid ads, organic posts were also utilised to build anticipation for the event.

Bird also helped to promote the trailer, which eventually reached approximately 150,000 keen horse racing enthusiasts in a short period of time

In the end, our efforts proved to be well worth while as the social media reach came close to the 1 million mark – a tremendous achievement!

In September, as part of the ongoing social media support, Bird was asked by ABL Health to create a ‘Health Roadshow’ travelling around Greater Manchester.

ABL, who deliver community healthcare programmes across the North West, combine practical dietary advice as well as psychological methods to help their patrons to lose weight and remain ‘Healthier, Happier for Longer.’

Bird’s initiative to promote ABL Health through the use of social media and PR helped make their Health Roadshow a huge success, both for the company and the communities in which the roadshow appeared.

By setting up at key locations across Greater Manchester, combined with the acheived social media following, ABL Health were able to reach more people and spread their message wider than ever before!

Next up was Young Manchester – a Mancunian charity which offers help and support to children and young people across the city, with particular emphasis on the development of sustainable ‘Youth and Play’ programmes.

Bird introduced the charity to retail superpower JD was and together they came up with the concept for the very first ‘JD X Young Manchester’ Talent Search.

The talent search accepted applications from young Mancunians seeking to show off their unique talents, all culminating in an epic show on 30th November in Manchester.

It ended up being an amazing night for all and opened up Young Manchester to a whole host of opportunities heading into 2019.

Just about everybody in Manchester heard about the Bees that popped up to take over the city centre this past summer.

The ‘Bee in the City’ art trail was a collection of bee statues around Manchester each with their own unique designs.

Sports Tours International’s bee, which was situated at the Etihad Stadium, was designed by Bird’s very own Graphic Designer, Natalie Potts.

It was given the affectionate title ‘Mo’ after a very special woman close to our hearts, Mo Done.

But that’s not all Mo ended up inspiring…

The Running Bee Foundation, which was launched at the start of December, was created by Sports Tours International as an initiative to help local communities maintain and promote active lifestyles.

All profits from some of Sports Tours’ biggest North West running events, including the iconic Tour of Tameside, UkFast City of Salford 10K, UkFast City of Manchester 10k and more,  will be reinvested into the local community as part of the initiative.

Bird created the brand identity for The Running Bee Foundation along with all of its social media profiles.

On top of all of this, Bird have continued to work with Sports Tours International, Freewheel Holidays, Whereabouts Holidays and Club La Santa throughout the year with all-things PR and social media; a relationship that will continue to thrive for 2019.

What else will 2019 bring? Who knows! We’ve still got plenty of work left to do with our current clients and already have some new and exciting developments to kick the new year off!

So keep your eyes and ears posted!

And remember…

We are Bird. We are #YourDepartment.