How Team Bird is using their one form of exercise per day

Kate Byford

With my kids…

We are lucky to have a good sized garden which my two sons (5 and 2) can enjoy as much as they want, but there is nothing quite like that feeling of freedom a large open space gives children, to be able to run freely or ride their bike. So either me or their Dad is taking them to the field near our house to get some fresh air and a climb a tree or look for sticks – give them some sense of simple childhood pleasures during a very strange time for them.


For myself…

On the days that I don’t take then children out (1 outing a day rule) then I will go for a run. I live near Formby beach and usually run there every weekend, but it was so busy (before lockdown) that i’m not risking it now. So now I will go either early morning or after the children have gone to bed and I rarely see anyone at those times. As runners I think it is our responsibility to ensure we maintain social distancing as we are the ones going faster and breathing heavier. So if I do see anyone I cross the road, or if I need to i’ll stop, move as far to one side as I can and wait. We should not expect others to move out of our way.


Paige O’Grady

With my dogs…

If it wasn’t for my two Labradors, I would more than likely end up sitting morning, noon and night typing away on my laptop…which would ultimately drive me up the wall. My one form of exercise is spent with them, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are lots of walking paths and fields near my house, with plenty of space to keep our distance from other people and their dogs! It’s important we chose a different place to walk every day, so we don’t get bored quickly!

James Sullivan

In the outdoors…

Thankfully I live in quite a countrified area, which means I’ve got plenty of potential walking space to take advantage of during this whole lockdown thing! (Only once a day, of course) I tend to take a stroll around lunchtime to get my fix of fresh air, but I also like to walk along my driveway and soak up all this glorious sun we’ve been having in the morning around 7am too! I also regularly attend a Kickboxing class in the evenings but while that’s on hold, I try to fit in at least 30 mins of shadowboxing in the evenings to keep on-form


Danny Moore

With my newborn…

While working from home, it would be easy for me to sit on my chair with my mac and work straight through the day moving just handful of times, but in light of recent things I’ve been making a conscious effort to ensure I stay active. With the new addition to my house, it’s not just myself that I’m now responsible for now, I also have a 2 month old boy to keep healthy too!

With fresh air and some Vitamin D being crucial to keep a healthy immune system, we use our 1 hour a day of exercise, outdoors. I put him in his pram and we walk as far as possible within the hour to get the heart rate going, and giving my son some fresh air. I have a feeling our current route is going to get quiet repetitive, very quickly!


Emma Marsh

With exercise…

When I need a bit of time to myself, I use my one outing a day to go for a run.  As I’m marathon training (for a postponed marathon) I’m trying to keep up my fitness.  I’m very lucky to live in the Peak District so I can be on the hills away from everyone within a minute or two.

Other than that it’s an evening walk, which is lovely – away from TV and devices – is like to continue this post lockdown.

I’m also doing online fitness classes with my son Finley which our local PTs have set up through Facebook!


Ben Smithes-Casey

Working out in the garden…

It’s important to keep up my fitness and this can be done anywhere! Here’s my current workout regime to use my one form of exercise.

Bicep curls – 4 x 25

Overhead tricep extensions – 4 x 25

Chest flys – 4 x 25

Shoulder press – 4 x 25

Back flys 4 x 20

Goblet squats – 4 x 20


Natalie Potts

Looking after my wellbeing…

As much as it is important to stay active during this time, looking after your wellbeing is vital too! I try to make sure that I do at least 30 mins of Yoga a day. It really helps keep me motivated and gives me a break away from the screen!


Natalie Bird

With my daughter…

As we only have 1 hour of exercise per day during, I use this time with my daughter Emily.  We have been going for adventures and taking different routes near our home, we also have our gorgeous dog, Poppy with us too.

Since we have been doing this Emily has mastered balance bike and has been finding new things on walks that she has lots of questions about… like man holes, for example she can hear the water but had no idea what they were!!

We do our walk before tea so that we can relax with tea before a nice bubble bath before a much needed sleep!