Battle of the Christmas Adverts

Battle of the Christmas Adverts

It’s that time of year again as Christmas creeps up on us all out of nowhere.

Sticking to tradition, each of the big retail leaders have submitted their entry into the ‘Battle of the Christmas Adverts’ special!

Each year we see retail giants create huge budget advertising campaigns in an attempt to play with our emotions and essentially make the tills ring. The adverts have become so hotly anticipated, the likes of  M&S and John Lewis even released ‘trailers’ for their adverts this year.

We’ve put together our round-up of the 3 biggest for 2017.

John Lewis – Moz the Monster


Kevin the Carrot – Aldi


Paddington Bear – Marks & Spencer


You’ll probably notice that each advert is accompanied by a #TwitterHashtag. With each advert being launched there is a new layer created where brands are now inviting their audience to move straight from the advert over to social media. The aim of this is to have the audience engage directly with the brand and massively amplify the awareness for each advert through creating social noise.

With most major retail brands now putting their hats into the Christmas advert race, going further to communicate with your customers is crucial to stand out from the now crowded space. Engaging with an audience is a great way of building a relationship with both potential and existing customers.

We highly advise a lot of thought goes into all activity for social media, as we’ve also recently seen a huge blunder from the likes of Greggs. They decided to replace Jesus himself with one of their signature sausage rolls in the famous nativity scene, as seen in the picture below.

As you can expect, this caused uproar with many Christian Twitter users voicing how disrespectful the promotional image was, bringing disrespect to their religion.

We’re sure we will see much more to come over the next few weeks, and we’re also looking forward to all of the festive activity we have planned with our own clients.