Bird & Quest get ‘Back to Business!’

Bird Consultancy and Quest Media Network have been working closely together since our CEO Chris Bird became the Executive Chairman. We helped re-launch their brand and redesign their popular newspapers (Tameside Reporter, Oldham Reporter, Glossop Chronicle) as well as assisting with a whole host of other promotional material. Including their latest campaign…

As you’ll be aware, the world has been in the grips of the coronavirus for several months now leading to most countries imposing lockdown rules and restrictions. The UK included. This has meant that many businesses, small and large, have effectively had to “close up shop” for the foreseeable future, leading to a lot of uncertainty surrounding both employment and the economy as a whole.

But, with recent lockdown restrictions now beginning to be eased by the government, many businesses have been gearing up to re-open to customers and clients, while making significant alterations to stay within the barriers of some COVID-19 safety recommendations that remain in place. This, of course, includes countless local businesses who may have suffered greatly during this period of no customers. That’s why Quest wanted to do something to help.

The #WeAreOpen campaign aims to help local businesses who have been most adversely affected by the lockdown, so they can rebuild and begin to reach a similar, if not greater, level of prominence and success as before the pandemic.

To do this, Quest Media Network is offering local businesses the chance to advertise with Quest across all their platforms including newspapers, website and radio station, all for a highly impressive and minimal price.

The incentive, which was officially launched on Thursday 11th June, has already seen great levels of engagement and is quickly proving to be a tremendous success for both Quest and Bird.

The Bird team created Press Releases which were sent out to our database of media contacts, specifically to spread the word of Quest’s commitment and generosity to supporting local businesses, in the hopes more people in need would see what service Quest has to offer in this campaign and take advantage of it, to help them get back on their feet.

Bird also created a dedicated page on the Quest website ( to give the campaign a linkable, shareable and easy-to-find platform, so that anyone and everyone who could benefit from it would have direct access to all the information they would need to make the next move for their business. On top of this, we also constructed social posts (sent out across all of Quests related social channels, which have thousands of followers each) to advertise the new promotion to individual followers of said channels.

In terms of design, Bird created a campaign brochure highlighting how Quest’s help can and will help businesses begin to thrive again, including a breakdown of the services on offer for full transparency.

The assistance Quest will offer businesses throughout the region could be the difference-maker in the future of many who are struggling right now, and Bird couldn’t be prouder that we were able to play our part in helping make this campaign a reality.

If you or your business could benefit from any of the above, feel free to check out the dedicated page at

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