Bird delivers a diamond PR campaign

Bird delivers a diamond PR campaign

Over the last few weeks Bird has been working with one of the region’s most iconic jewellery stores to deliver a PR campaign for its final closing down sale.

The owners of Prestons of Bolton made the decision to close the store’s doors at the end of the year after 147 years of trading, due to changing conditions on the high street.

We launched a regional PR campaign to announce the closing down sale, which resulted in widespread print, online and broadcast media coverage; reaching an estimated audience of over 50 million people and 143,000 online views in the first two weeks.

The opening day of the sale saw hundreds of customers queuing outside the store before it opened and in the first few weeks £2m of revenue was generated.


Bird also delivered a social media campaign to support the closing down announcement, which reached 2,500 people and had 1,500 engagements in the first two weeks. The media coverage generated 8,000 social shares.

Karl Massey Managing Director of Prestons of Bolton commented:

“We knew the closure of Prestons of Bolton would be a story and Bird PR confirm this.  We just didn’t expect them to deliver front page news in local press and prime time regional TV and radio with interviews and footage filmed in store.  Bird PR delivered some and more.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as Chris and his team deliver without the fluff and drama I’ve encountered before.

“I have no idea what this exposure would have cost us in above the line marketing but I truly believe we got fantastic value for money and that this campaign truly delivered sell out.  The queues were real and our eight tills were ringing constantly.”

Bird continues to drive the PR and social media activity for Prestons of Bolton, until the store closes on 31st December.