Becky’s Back to Work Blog

By Bird Consultancy   |   12th September 2017

Even if you don’t have kids, it’s hard to not to have been aware this has been the first week back at school for pupils across the country, thanks to those trusty ‘back to school’ photos plastered across social media by proud parents.  It’s also been the first week back for me (at work, not school obv) after spending the past nine months on Maternity Leave.

My gorgeous baby boy Luca was born just before Christmas last year and I’ve spent the last few months relishing my new role as a mummy.  I’ve cherished the time off with Luca taking him to baby massage and sensory classes, watching endless hours of CBeebies (if I never hear the theme tune to Justin’s House again it would be too soon!) and watching him grow from a tiny newborn (OK, he was a whopping 9lb 7oz when he was born so he’s never been tiny!) into a mischievous little boy who’s into EVERYTHING.

I’m probably not the only mum to be plagued with ‘mummy guilt’ as my return to work date approached but it was important for me to get back to work – I love my job and I’m passionate about PR, and ultimately I’m doing it to give Luca the best life I can offer him.

I’ve been at Bird for over five years but it didn’t stop my worrying that baby brain had got a permanent hold over me and affected my ability to be able to do my job – Would I still be able to write a press release? Would I be able to come up with creative PR campaigns and remember how to pitch a story into the press?

Turns out it’s quite like riding a bike and all the skills and experience I’ve picked up over the years are still there.  I’ve almost completed my first week at work and frankly, it feels like I’ve never been away so I needn’t have felt anxious. I’m not back at my full hours yet, but so far there’s been no tears (from me or the baby!) so it’s been a successful start.

I am lucky that the boss (Chris Bird) has given me a flexible working routine and I’m initially returning on a couple of days a week before increasing my hours up to 4 days a week by January.

Whilst returning to work can be fraught with so many emotions, my advice to new mums is to take it one step at a time and focus on the positives – and that includes drinking warm brews, eating your lunch in peace, real adult conversation, and even escaping the annoying theme tune of Justin’s House. I also never thought I’d appreciate being able to wear my hair down (safe in the knowledge it won’t be pulled so hard by surprisingly strong hands for a little person), being able to use a handbag instead of carrying everything in the baby changing bag, and not having to worry about my clothes getting dribbled on and bits of Luca’s leftover food stuck to my outfit.

This week I’ve started working on a couple of new exciting clients and it’s lovely to be back with the Bird team.

Becky Sims