Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2018

December is well and truly here.

This means that the battle for  Christmas advert supremacy is well underway.

Every year supermarkets, shopping sites, outlets and more all compete for top position in the Christmas advert hierarchy.

Over the years we’ve seen cartoon animals, pop covers and even a man on the moon come out with the coveted prize.

But who is going to take home the championship?

Here at Bird Consultancy, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites from this year

So, here is our Battle of the Christmas Adverts 2018:


John Lewis


In recent years John Lewis has consistently been recognised at the name to beat in the Christmas advert race.

Every time their yearly release is met with more anticipation than any other.

Sadly, though, this year’s entry was a bit of a letdown…

It features legendary pop star Elton John reminiscing his iconic career and childhood all the way back to his mother buying him his very first piano for Christmas, running with the tagline:

“Some gifts are more than just a gift”

While it’s obviously very well-made and serves as a touching tribute to Elton’s mother (and all mothers, in fact) the timing of makes it feel like just a giant plug for Elton’s recently announced farewell tour.

Sorry, Mr Lewis. You’ve missed the mark this year.




At the other end of the spectrum, Waitrose has presented us with a very self-referential Christmas ad.

In an advert within an advert, it features a family watching the previously mentioned John Lewis ad.

However it soon becomes apparent they’d rather be tucking into some delicious looking Christmas stollen, leading them to fast forward all the way through the advert.

Thus reducing Elton John’s golden voice to nothing more than that of a squeaky chipmunk.

Don’t worry. This isn’t some stab at John Lewis, it’s actually quite a clever piece of marketing. Both John Lewis and Waitrose fall under the same group.

Considering they realise just how big their John Lewis ads had become, it must have made all the sense in the world to tear this one to shreds.

Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself!




They might be responsible for some of the most iconic advertising of the past 20 years, but when it comes to Christmas time, Apple tends to keep themselves on the quiet side.

Well… not this year!

This year the technology giants have come forward with a beautiful stop-motion piece revolving around a young reclusive girl and her pet dog.

Reluctant to share her gifts with the world, she hides away in her room until one day all her papers are blown out the window and discovered by the public.

It’s at this point she realises she had nothing to fear and the tagline “Share your gifts” resonates on an even bigger emotional level.

Given that Apple products are quite often used in creative outlets, the ad fits their brand perfectly.

Strong stuff… this could be a contender!




Ah, would it really be Christmas without McDonald’s jumping on the bandwagon?

Their take on the Christmas advert is a pretty simple one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective.

Father Christmas is flying from house to house in his sleigh, but nobody seems to be leaving any carrots for his beloved reindeer.

Reindeer which look surprisingly real, given that they’re CGI.

Regardless, the poor things (and you really do care for them!) look as though they’re ready to drop.

All looks to be lost, but then St, Nick spots a McDonalds and remembers they sell “Reindeer Treats.”

To you and me, those are carrot sticks.

He feeds his hungry companions and, of course, Christmas is saved!

Definitely one for the children, but seamlessly plugs a festive product to parents searching for a healthy snack for the children at the same time.




Probably the most talked about ad on our list, the Iceland Christmas advert was reportedly banned for being “too political.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll no doubt be aware it concerns the plight of Orangutans, their habitat and the disastrous consequences of the palm oil industry.

As soon as people found out the ad had been pulled millions headed online to find out exactly what all the fuss was about, resulting in it becoming the most viewed ad of the season by far.

Now some weeks later we know the advert wasn’t actually banned and that the whole thing was a carefully constructed plot to bag countless online views across social media and bring the palm oil industry to its knees.

If we were giving prizes for the smartest campaign, this Christmas advert would take every medal going.




Another Christmas ad superpower, Sainsbury’s are appealing to all the parents out there with this year’s Christmas advert.

It concerns a young girl, starring in her school’s Christmas show, who struggles with confidence.

That all gets quickly blown away, though.

Shortly after starting to sing the show explodes into a cavalcade of bright colours, pyrotechnics and even kids flying on wires (yes, really).

It’s an interesting take, and tugs on the emotions of parents who will have all been sat in that audience watching their child star in their school Christmas show.


So there you have it, these are our top 6 for 2018, but who takes the crown?

Let us know by sharing our list and tagging us @BirdConsultancy on Twitter


Merry Christmas!

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