Battle of the Christmas Ads 2019

The arrival of Christmas always signals the arrival of a bunch of other things too:

Christmas songs hitting the waves, mince pies hitting the shelves. But, perhaps most importantly, the yearly arrival of the Christmas ads hitting our screens.

Once again the titans of retail have fought hard to produce their best efforts, but it’s up to us the public to decide which one is crowned champion of 2019!

Here are just a few of the ones we’ve seen this year, and Bird’s personal pick for the best Christmas ad of 2019!

John  Lewis – Edgar the Dragon


Of course John Lewis released a Christmas Ad! It’s become about as expected as just about anything else that gets released over the Christmas period and, because of that, is always draped in anticipation.

This year’s ad focuses on Edgar, a little dragon with a lot of fire power!

Everywhere he goes he struggles to control his firery breath, with disastrous results, and is shunned by the rest of the community for it. Poor thing!

But thanks to some help and encouragement from a young friend, Edgar (and the rest of the village) learns to accept and embrace what makes him so different.

It’s a cute and powerful message for young people and one well-deserving of a place on this list.

Amazon – Everybody Needs Somebody

It’s hard to argue that Amazon hasn’t become the single biggest present-selling powerhouse on the planet. And it doesn’t even have any stores!

In a safe yet memorable Christmas Ad, Amazon focuses on displaying the joy that is experienced between families and friends upon the arrival of an Amazon package, all to a catchy cover of “Everybody Needs Somebody.”

It’s a bold move, especially considering the recent press negativity Amazon has experienced surrounding it’s supposedly overworked workforce. But the ad does an excellent job of putting the Amazon Prime “smile” logo at the forefront.

A solid effort, but it feels as though it’s merely laying the groundwork for a more adventurous ad next year.

Aldi – Kevin’s Greatest Show!

Ah, who doesn’t love Kevin the Carrot?

Well, he’s back with a vengeance! And he’s got a little help…

This year’s Aldi ad is a Greatest Showman-themed musical ride, displaying some of the beautiful Christmas products Aldi has become famous for, at even more impressive prices!

It’s only at the end of the ad that we discover the whole thing is part of a brand new production being put together by Kevin and none other than… Robbie Williams?!

Adding a bit of star power to the ad certainly won’t have turned viewers away, but Robbie taking a cheeky nibble of Kevin the Carrot at the end of the video seems a bit inappropriate!

Visually fun and comical as usual, but it’s what we’ve come to expect.

Sainsbury’s – Nicholas the Chimney Sweep

Certainly the most cinematic of the bunch, Sainsbury’s has gone full-on origin story with this year’s entry!

Set in 18th century London, we follow young Nicholas the Chimney Sweep as he is falsely accused of stealing an orange and is cast into the unforgiving snow by the raucous crowd.

Cold, hungry and alone, he digs in and gives up all hope. But he is rescued by a local shop, who teaches him to change his views around and understand that Christmas is all about helping others as opposed to helping yourself.

Stricken with a new purpose, Nicholas returns to London under cover of night and gifts an orange to his fellow orphans, before returning to his snowy retreat now donned in a red cape and hat.

And thus… Santa is born!

It’s an interesting take on the Santa story and, while it hasn’t received much media attention this time round, gets a good 10/10 for effort!

Winner: Sainsbury’s!

Yes, it’s Super Santa taking our gold star this year!

An impressive production with an even more impressive and warming story to tell, it might not match some of the mega-hits of Christmas Ads gone by, but it surely stands out in a year of enjoyable entries.

Sorry Kevin, maybe next year!