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Our approach to PR is to always keep it personal, relevant and with an emphasis on return on investment.

“Bird becomes part of your business, they want you to get your message across and be successful. You can tell it means a lot to them. They take great personal pride in being part of making that happen for you”

Brian Cronin, Chief Executive of Your Housing Group

Founder and CEO Chris Bird

"If your heart isn't in it, your head may as well be empty"

I love my business and I love the experiences I’ve gained over the last 27 years. Prior to Bird I spent the 80’s working in newspapers and commercial radio however when I had my ‘go it alone’ moment in 1990 I never thought my business life would be both rewarding for my team but also such a benefit to our clients.

From the boardroom of Manchester City FC to the plc board of JD Sports and with mentors ranging from the founder of Betfred, Fred Done to the iconic sports promoter Barry Hearn, experiences gained that have been put to good use for many of our clients and the good causes we support.

But, if you are looking to employ the services of a traditional PR company, let me save you the time of reading any further…..because we are not traditional in our methods, our thinking or our delivery.

My philosophy has always focused on 3 very important factors. Build strong relationships, ‘if your heart isn’t in it, your head may as well be empty’, and always deliver a return on the trust our clients have invested in us.

Our approach to business is very simple; be honest, take pride in what you do, believe in your clients and their businesses, put people first and charge a fair price for the work that you do.

27 years and counting...

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