A refresh for the Bird brand!

They say change is an essential part of growth, in life and in business. Well, for us here at Bird Consultancy, we’ve got quite a few exciting changes lined up heading towards our official 30th anniversary at the end of this month…

While the lockdown might have forced the hands of many businesses to re-evaluate their image for when the world finally opened up again, our creative thinking on the subject has been in the pipeline long before the current coronavirus pandemic began making headlines. If anything, the lockdown gave us the chance to look at things a little differently, offering a new perspective on the look and feel of Bird. Not just on a corporate level, but on a personal one too.

Headed up by Bird’s Lead Designer Natalie Potts, the new look and feel of Bird as a brand is not only a representation of the high level of work we have been able to produce over the past number of years, but also how we have evolved as a company over the thirty years we have been in business.

First and foremost, our colours might be slightly changing, but you can rest assured our colours as a business and a working family remain very much the same – dedicated to offering the very best in service for our clients!

Our iconic Orange, which has become synonymous with the Bird brand and which has served us well for a long time, is remaining a key part of our overall look and feel, albeit with a few minor tweaks! The orange will be slightly deeper and more intense than it was previously – representative of how we have evolved over time and have gone the extra mile for our clients on countless occasions.

This will be joined by a brand new colour to add to our collective palette – rich shades of blue will contrast perfectly with the orange, complementing each other to create a truly eye-catching and attractive presentation. You can see this first hand throughout our website and social media channels!

But the new look we have created is much more than just an excuse to “shake things up a bit” like so many others do; For us, it’s a culmination of decades of hard work and represents the best of both the old and the new.

As we head into our 30th year of business, we have so many new resources at our disposal and are ready and raring to put them to good use. Watch this space!

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