9 Ways a PR agency can help your business flourish

Thanks to 29 years of experience as a PR agency, we’ve seen this impact first hand and are very happy to say we’ve infinitely contributed to the success of numerous businesses, charities and individuals.

If you think a helping hand with PR could be beneficial to your business but are still on the fence, here are nine ways Bird can help your business flourish:

Dedication & expertise

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s get the basic stuff out of the way first.

When you bring a PR agency on board, you’re not only paying for the individual services advertised on their website, you’re hiring the time, dedication and expertise of a team of highly motivated individuals who will help your business reach new levels of exposure and success.

If you get lucky and team up with a PR agency like Bird Consultancy, you’ll be working with a group that will treat you like not just another client, but a member of the family. We believe in making PR personal and once you’ve seen how we operate, we think you will too.


This is at the heart of what public relations is all about.

The key to making a success of your company’s image isn’t just in the creation of that image; it’s in the exposure that can be formulated to take advantage of it.

A top-notch PR agency will be able to arrange links and make introductions your company desperately needs to boost its public image and to get the right people talking about you.

Remember, in a lot of cases. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Business development

While a lot of PR is occupied with the perfection of your overall image, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and to look at the trajectory your business should be taking as a whole.

An important part of public relations is to ensure your business isn’t just shooting in the dark when it comes to its own future.

Where are you going? Why are you going there? When do you expect to arrive?

Allowing a PR agency to learn your business inside-and-out will help them to formulate a solid and structured plan for you going forward.

Your future is your livelihood. Don’t just leave it to chance.

Event management

There’s nothing like a good event or exhibition to show off and get the word out about something special that’s happening in your company.

For the inexperienced, putting together events like these can be a nightmare.

Thankfully, any PR agency worth its salt will be able to assist you in the planning, organisation, promotion and execution of these events.

At Bird Consultancy we’ve specialised in Event Management for major exhibitions and have worked with well-known exhibition centres throughout our 29 years.

You could say we’re experts! With us, you’re in safe hands.

Original content

You see this? What you’re reading right now is a blog post written by one of our in-house writers at Bird.

An integral part of PR is the ability to produce original content, like this, to be used as part of your website, blog posts, articles, advertising material and just about anything else you can think of.

In an age where content is king, it’s highly important to get this element right.

Your words are one of the biggest factors when it comes to how you are represented and received.

Our wordsmiths work hard to ensure your business has some fantastic content to work with and make sure said content is an accurate representation of your company and your brand.

Press releases

Speaking of original content, no PR agency can claim to be anything less than average unless they give 110% to the creation and delivery of top-notch press releases.

If you’ve got something important to say, this is the way to say it.

Instant information seems to be the demand these days, but when it comes to press releases it’s essential to not only get the information right but to present it in a formal, timely and ultimately enlightening fashion.

Our press releases are carefully crafted to ensure information is delivered for maximum knowledge and effect.

Graphic design

Your words might be important, but it’s always a good idea to inject your business with a level of artistic flair.

Remember, if it doesn’t look the part, people won’t think it’ll play the part.

Thankfully, graphic designers have taken advantage of modern design technology and the latest high-tech applications to produce images of stunning originality, intricacy and mind-blowing quality.

At Bird, we have an in-house graphic design department budding with creative ideas!

Social media

Since Facebook first launched to the wider public back in 2006 social media, in general, has been experiencing a stratospheric boom across the globe.

The latest numbers suggest one in four people on the planet interact with social media in some form on a daily basis.

If your business has active social media profiles, good. You’re on the right track.

But the competitive nature of social media means it’s no longer enough to simply register these accounts; they need to be tended to regularly and professionally if they are to serve as the business tools they could be. Social media platforms should have their own objectives which operate in line with your company’s wider goals.

At Bird, our experienced team are at the forefront of social media. From devising a social media strategy to running a Facebook Live during an event, we’ve done it all.

We manage the entirety of day-to-day social media operation for multiple companies.

Just give us all the necessary details and let us take care of the rest.

Let clients know the real you

You can see from all of the above that the level of detail a dedicated PR agency can go into for your company can be a massive help.

But at Bird Consultancy we like to take things a step further.

Through our personal approach to all things PR, we go beyond the ins-and-outs of your daily business practices to really see what makes your company tick. Get a feel for the business and treat it like a living, breathing entity.

So if you’re interested in taking on a PR agency to help your business flourish, which hopefully by now you are, fill in the contact form below and let’s see what Bird Consultancy can do for you today!