5 Reasons Webinars are a must for Businesses

Webinars for Businesses

Once upon a time, a group of people jumping online at the same time was done for only one of two reasons: A quick catch-up with your friends in different places, or a gaming session so you could all share in the action and excitement.

While businesses had begun to catch up to the video-chat world, Covid-19 and lockdown have made Zoom and similar apps part of day to day work life.  Businesses and business leaders all over the world are starting to realise the true potential of video not just as a means of communication, but as a means of informative marketing.

Webinars for business allow you to connect with your target audience and create content that’s not just entertaining but also shows off the very best of who you are and what you can provide as a business.

At Bird Consultancy we have been providing webinar services for several of our dedicated clients during lockdown including a series of virtual workplace wellbeing events, and we’re knee-deep in expanding and evolving our webinars for business service (more on that in the following weeks). So if you’re a business that’s been considering taking advantage of the webinar world and haven’t yet taken the plunge, here are 5 reasons why webinars for businesses are absolutely the way to go:

Mass Audiences

As events and technology have developed over the years, it has become easier and easier to reach a wider audience with your content, your message and your brand. It was once the case that in order to reach a relatively large number of people, you’d need to hire a large venue and host your very own conference to put a good amount of bums in seats (still a great option by the way! The Bird team are particularly experienced in organising and hosting events of this type). But today, it’s as simple as sending out an invite email and, a couple of clicks later, you’re hosting an online webinar for businesses with tens (or even hundreds) of people watching and listening live. Talk about the times changing!

In fact, with Zoom’s ‘Large Meeting’ add-on you can fit up to a whopping 500 participants into one session. But these big numbers also present a big opportunity for you as a business. If you can convert just a small percentage of these up-to 500 participants into customers, you’re onto a winner. Add to this the shareability factor your webinar presents to all involved (more on this later) and your overall audience may end up being much larger than you anticipated, which is only good for you!

This is also great if you’re a large company looking to speak to your workforce all at once internally – literally every single employee with a laptop, tablet or phone is just a click away.

Guest Appeal

As a business, nobody knows your core audience better than you, you’ve probably been sharing stories and moments with them for years. Which is why nobody is better placed than you to choose some top-notch guests for your next webinar. And, yes, your webinars should feature guests as often as you can.

Special guests in your webinars add a certain ‘guest appeal’ that simply isn’t present if your webinars end up being a ‘one-man’ or ‘one-woman’ show. It’s not that your presentations aren’t interesting, informative or entertaining enough already (we’re sure they are!) but the added ‘buzz’ that can be generated by adding an extra face to the show is often increased exposure to your product that is incredibly difficult to generate otherwise. This works especially well if your chosen guest is a well-known name in your field of expertise.

Recognisable names instantly garner attention, and it’s this kind of attention that you want to bring to your webinars for business if you want to draw the largest numbers possible. They’re also great for establishing yourself as an authority in your specific area of business. Speaking of which…

Reinforces Your Expertise

You are good at what you do. You know you’re good at what you do. The people you work with on a regular basis know you’re good at what you do. The question is… does everybody else?

If you continuously rely on those closest to you to let the world know that, when it comes to whatever it is you do best, you’re the name they should be thinking about, you’re gonna run out of steam pretty quick. Unless you’re constantly attracting new names and new customers to your product or your business, you can never truly hope to grow at a pace that will make your business sustainable heading into the future. Especially a future as uncertain as the one we’re facing as the moment.

Webinars for business are perfect for reinforcing your expertise and helping establish your name, your brand or your identity as the go-to authority in your field. Why? Because it gives you a platform to regularly prove yourself to an audience of potentially hundreds, as we’ve discussed.

Show off your knowledge and let the business world know you’re the name to beat.

Shareability & Exposure

Anybody in 2020 knows that video is arguably the best way to release your content if you want to draw as many eyes as possible. With 5 Billion videos being watched every single day, it’s no wonder that both people, sole traders and businesses are starting to utilise the power of video more and more.

In this instance, webinars for business allow you to kill two massive birds with one stone: Create and host a webinar for the audience you know who will be tuning in live, and then turn the recording of the webinar into a video that’s re-watchable for anybody and everybody who may be interested in the subject matter, or use the audio and make it into a podcast. Using a popular video site like YouTube or Vimeo and then sharing the video link to your social media profiles (by either sharing the link or uploading it directly to said social media platform) is a great way to make yourself seen by a much larger audience and increases the chances of your content being seen and, more importantly, increases the chances of it influencing more potential clients and customers.

Correct use of titles and descriptions will also help you climb the rankings with Google, too.

Reusable Content

Too many businesses look at their content as a “once & done” type of deal; That their content has a limited shelf life and can be cast aside once it’s served its purpose. But little do these businesses know they’re probably sitting on a mountain of reusable, shareable and adaptable content that could easily be used as part of their current communications, not just their communications of the past.

With the example of webinars for business, yes, the obvious content on display here is the webinar itself for live viewers and the video that can be shared once the live broadcast has ended. But this is barely the tip of the iceberg.

For example, instead of simply posting the webinar video on your company page, why not accompany the video with a short blog write-up about what viewers can expect to find throughout the video, and some of the more memorable highlights? Not only does this make the content more easily digestible for people only interested in specific aspects of your conversation, but it also aids visibility on search engine sites like Google, even without employing too many keywords.

Or, once you’ve done that, why not take the most memorable lines from your conversation and turn them into social posts and appealing graphics to peak the interest for your next webinar, or marketing any other aspect of your business if the content is relevant? The possibilities are virtually endless.

That’s exactly why we knew we could help other people looking to host webinars for businesses. On top of the amazing webinars we’ve already hosted for the likes of LiveBetter Virtual, we’ve got a lot more on the way. So stay tuned to @BirdConsultancy on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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