5 reasons to use Bird to create your next event

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So, your business is booming and you’re looking to put on an event to show everyone just how awesome you are.

First off, congratulations on your success! But putting your brand, products and services out there for the masses can be a daunting task.

Without the right know-how, hosting an event could land you in hotter financial water than you anticipated.

That’s why a lot of business owners seek out the services of the professionals to handle the situation for them.

With this in mind, here are five reasons you could benefit from event organisers such as Bird Consultancy:

Time management

You might be the most organised person on the face of the earth, but nobody can beat the clock.

Along with trying to keep everything else in your business ship-shape, the added strain of organising a fantastic event can be one heck of a spanner in the works.

Event organisers are experts in managing their time effectively so that they can deliver exactly what you want (or even better) on time and within budget.

Now, speaking of budget…


This is always the biggest worry.

Having to plan out an event is tough enough as it is, let alone having to figure out how much it’s all going to cost.

Event organisers can sit down with you and formulate an exact budget dependent on your needs.

They can also advise you on whether or not they believe your goals are realistic/unrealistic and solutions to any problems that could arise from this.

Trust them. They’re financial wizards!


Let’s face it:  Hosting an event is an amazing way to attract potential new clientele. But you’ve probably got A LOT on your plate as it is.

If you really want to handle all the stress of organising the event, it doesn’t get easier from here…

Solution? Hire an event organiser to bring your vision to life for you. Let them take care of the troublesome niggly details while you continue to focus on the big picture – your business.

Your blood pressure will thank you for it.


It’s all well and good knowing you want to host an event. It’s another thing entirely to figure out exactly what you want the outcome to be.

More clients? Yeah, that’d be nice. But there’s so much more on the table than just that.

There’s marketing, brand exposure, social media and a whole host of other external factors to consider.

An event organiser could handle all of that for you and bring you more success as a result.


When it comes down to it, this is what everybody wants from their event organisers.

Why? Because organising an event is an intricate process with more moving parts than you can count.

Trying to organise an event without the relevant experience is like asking someone who’s never laid a brick in his life to build a house for you.

He will try his best, but sooner or later the whole thing is going to come crumbling down.

DON’T let this happen to you.

At Bird, we pride ourselves on bringing your events to life, on time & in budget and we have been doing so for decades.

Want to find out more? Fill in the contact form below or give us a call, you never know where a chat may lead…

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