30 years and we’re still here!

Small is the new big, and free thinkers are the lifeblood of communications. Well, that’s my opinion anyway.

30 years and we’re still here!

When I started my media career in 1982 the industry was driven by real characters, inspirational leaders and some amazing free thinkers. The 80’s encouraged me to dream big and to get in the company of good people.

In Manchester, during that decade I was fortunate to meet some free thinkers who shaped my own thinking and my plan for going it alone. Tony Tighe, Brian Beech, Ray Sale, Colin Walters, Simon Cole, James H Reeve, and Barry Hearn to name just a few all made a huge impression on me and I made a point of learning something from them all.

The ’90s became the decade of change for me. Self-employment and the launch of the Bird Consultancy, bigger projects, bigger thinking and personal challenges but again much was achieved, mistakes made, and lessons learned.

So where are you going with this Chris? I hear you ask… Well as I look to the future, I see nothing wrong with looking back. History won’t predict my future, but it might just help me shape it further.

The last 2 decades have seen the communications industry become bigger, more powerful, more influential, more valuable but not always more effective. As a relatively small fish in a very large pond, we are constantly in survival mode due to increased competition, endless changes within the clients own businesses and an ever-changing media landscape that has seen less focus on real and good news and more emphasis on anything that is controversial or bad.

So as I enter my 39th year in media and my 30th in the world of PR I think it’s good to look back, reflect, focus on the great work, great people and role models (My Heroes) that have shaped me and my business.

At the start of this note, I say, ‘Small is the new Big’ and I truly believe it hence why I have created ‘The Department of Bird’. Public Relations, Event creation & Management, Social media and Business Development.

Why the Department? Because it’s about the work, the results and the positioning that I always promised I would live by. In my opinion, focusing on achieving scale in our world just dilutes creativity and stifles entrepreneurial thinking.

I’m a man who stands at 5ft 5’ with size 6 feet, believe me, size really doesn’t matter. But style and substance definitely do!

Clients need good advice, results, support, creative thinking, honesty, reliability, trust whenever and wherever they need it. And it must be affordable.

When things go wrong or become difficult the Consultancy budget is the first line of costs to be cut, we are easy to blame, easy to sideline and when the client has learned everything, they can from us they will do it themselves. This is fine, I would probably do the same.

However I have positioned my business differently, we do not want to be a big business but we do want to be a great business, we do not want to be the competition, but we do want to be the solution and we do not want to work for anybody or any product or service we don’t truly believe we can help.

We have targets to achieve, we have costs to pay and we must ensure our cloth is cut appropriately to ensure we continue to ‘Make PR Personal’

I own a business that remembers what worked well in the past, what is missing in the present and what is needed in the future. So I have shared my vision with my wonderful team of Free Thinkers and we will make October 1st 2020 the first day of our new beginning. We are small, but we dream big, we do what we love, we work with great people and above all, we ensure we do good whilst we are at it.

And in the words of the great Dicky Fox…
Welcome to my Small world of Big opportunities.